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My Essay about Hip Hop

Hip hop is a culture originated by African-American people in New York City in the late 1970s. It has five cultural pillars, they are DJing, Mcing, grafitti, breaking and beat boxing. Beside a culture hip hop also a genre of music. Hip hop music has four eras which are 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. Hip hop gives effect not only in culture and music, but also dancing. Hip hop dancing is be contamined by kind of dance from African dancing. Hip hop dancing is also contamining the development of fashion. Some brands of hip hop fashion are used by dance crews, hip hop singers or hip hop artists while they are performing in the stage. Even, some of them make their own brand of hip hop fashion. There re some general styles of era that will explain later, they are early 1980s-mid 1990s, mid 1990s-late 1990s and 2000s eras. From explanation above, hip hop is not only talking about culture but also music, dancing and fashion.

Hip hop, as a culture, has five pillars. The first pillar is DJing. The first DJ and also has big role in the breaking is Kool DJ Herc. He use a techinque named turntablism. Turntablism is a techniques in DJing when the DJ turn the black disc up and down depend on the music so the music be more easy listening. To be a DJ, it is need DJ mixer, amplifier, speakers and various other pieces of electronic music equipments. The eqiupment above are used to support a DJ in mixing the songs by applying some techniques. The second pillar of hip hop is MCing. MCing is known as rapping. Rapping is kind of way of singing in quick and sometimes using slang word in musical way. It has three components, such as content (the content of the lyric), flow (the rhythm and the rhyme of the song) and delivery (talking about whether the listener understand what the rapper going to deliver). The third pillar is grafitti. Grafitti is art of writing which first used for showing the teritory of a gang or politic activists. But, then it becomes part of hip hop when grafitti artists practicing other aspect of hip hop and they pratices grafitti in area where hip hop became an art form. Grafitti become part of hip hop because it can express the visual expression of rap music. Grafitti is colourful and unique as hip hop which is unique, easy going and different from others. The forth pillar is breaking. Breaking also known as breakdancing or B-boying is a dinamic movement that develops and become part of hip hop culture. It began in South Bronx. The word B-boy is stands for Beat-boy (or girl). The term “B-boy” is originated from the dancer in DJ Kool Herc’s parties. Usually, B-boying is asosiated with popping, locking, hitting, ticking, boogaloo and other funk styles, but they are different. Sometimes B-boys add falling movement to build a sense that falling when doing it is not an accident but part of the concept. It happens in U.S. The last pillar is beatboxing. Beatboxing is kind of singing as MCing, but they are different. In beat boxing the focuses are creating a beat, rhytms and melodies by using human mouth. Beatboxing is popularized by Doug E. Fresh. In Indonesia, we can hear the example of beatboxing in an advertisment of ABC Mocca coffee.

As explained before, hip hop is not only about a culture but also music. As the part of hip hop, hip hop music are also similar with African-American music. Nowadays, hip hop became a genre of music world. Hip hop music can be divided into four eras. First era is 1970s, when hip hop is firstly popularized by The Griots. Their style of singing is similar with rap. In this era hip hop music developed then had a transition into recording. Then, it is spreaded to New York City by DJ Kool Herc from Jamaica. The second era is 1980s when hip hop music develop and become more complex that before. There are some changes of the music machine, sich as drum machine sound system, etc. Hip hop music being spred in other countries. They are Germany, Japan, Australia and South Africa. This era also called as Golden age of hip hop. It is because of hip hop growth that was faster than other eras. The third era is 1990s when there are many famous rapper groups appeared, such as Snoop Dogg’s. In this era, hip hop is spreaded to some continent like Asia, Europe and America. So, there are many groups appearing in many countries in different continents. The last era is 2000s when there are subgenres in hip hop music. They are crunk and snap music also glitch and wonky music. In this era also appeared new hip hop artists in each styles of hip hop. Hip hop not only develop the amount of artists but also the subgenres. It proves that in every era hip hop music always develops and hip hop music never die until now.

After talking about culture and music of hip hop, there is another topic of hip hop that mention above which is hip hop dance as a part of hip hop. Hip hop dance become widely known after the forming of the first professional breaking, locking and popping crew in 1970s. The most influential groups of hip hop dance are The Lockers, The Rock Steady Crew and The Electric Boogaloos. There are three main style of hip hop dance. They are breaking, locking and popping. Breaking created in Bronx, New York City in early 1970s. In breaking there are three techniques used. They are toprock, downrock, freezes and power moves. Toprock is kind of movement that is done while the B-boy or B-girl stand. Downrock is the opposite of toprock. Downrock is movement that is done when the B-boy or B-girl does not stand up. Freeze is like as a “pose” when the B-boy or B-girl doing some movements. But this “pose” is done in a particular way and has different difficulty. And the last technique is power moves. Power moves is kind of movement sequences that are done by B-boy or B-girl that also has its own difficulty. The second main style is locking. Locking, originally name is Campbellocking, was created by Don Campbell in Los Angeles and introduced to other countries by his crew named The Lockers. The primarty movement used in locking is lock. Lock is somoliar to a freeze or sudden pause. The other movenments that is commonly used in locking are point, strong and roll. Another main style of hip hop dance is popping. Popping is created by Sam Solomon in Fresno, California. It is performed by his crew named The Electric Boogaloos. Then popping has been developed to illusionary dance styles such as strobing, liquid, animation and waving.and also lower body dances done with leg and feet such as gliding, floating and sliding. Hip hop dance not only performed in live stage but also in a movie in the cinema, TV broadcasting and theater. One of the most popular TV programs of hip hop dancing is American Best Dance Crew (ABDC). Here, the best dance crews from each state in America are competed to be the best dance crew in America.

The last part of hip hop is hip hop fashion. Hip hop fashion are divided into three eras. The first era is early 1980s-mid 1990s when people like to wear sportwear and fashion brands, such as Le Coq Sportif, Kangol, Adidas and Pro-Keds. Here people like to wear brightly colored name-brand tracksuits, sheepskin and leather bomber jacket, Clark shoes, Britishers AKA British Walkers and sneakers. And the popular hair styles are Jheri curl and hi-top fade. Popular accessories are large eyeglasses, Kangol bucket hats, nameplates, name belts, multiple rings and also heavy gold jewelry (men wore heavy gold chains and the women wore heavy gold earrings). The next era is late 1980s-early 1990s when the fashion is reflected traditional African influences in the late 1980s. In this era there are many changes of hip hop fashion. The fashion followed the popular issues that happen at that time. There are baseball caps and bright clothing. Then because of Michael Jordan, people prefer to wear Nike that other brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Champion, Carhartt and Timberland. Then fashion move to Cholo Gansta style in the late 1980s. The next era is mid 1990-late 1990s when there are fashion among hip hop elites, sportwear, throwbak jerseys and jewelry culture. In this era, hip hop fashion became very expensive. The last era is 2000s (Modern Hip Hop Fashion) when many hip hop artist and executives start to make their own label and clothing lines of Hip hop fashion. Hip hop fashion has developed depends on the issues happened in that time so the hip hop fashion will always has development.

From the expalantion above, we know that hip hop has developed since 1970s and became popular in their culture including music, dancing and fashion. Hip hop also grows in Indonesia. There are skillfull dancer and rapper in Indonesia. Even, in Indonesia there is dance competition that broadcast in the television named Let’s Dance. It proves that hip hop has spreaded in all the continents in the world.

(If there are any mistakes, I am sorry...I just wanna learn better... Thank you fro the comment also..)

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