Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Shoppu Ramen

This is my first time to eat ramen..
Rasanya campur aduk.. Maybe I need the second time to taste it again... Hahahahaha awwww.. yummy.. :9 ---------> Tempatnya ada di deket OB (Outlet Biru) Yogyakarta... let's check it out... :) Harganya waktu itu only 10k for ramen and 15k for sushi... mantap deh... Harga pelajar bannget.. Hahahahaha (^O^)~ Happy trying and Happy eating ^O^

Long Time not Blogging.. It's about my PPL..

hi There, it has been long time for me not to write my blog til today... (-___-") Nowadays I'm doing my teaching practice and so much activities.. Hahahahahaha (T___T) I'm doing my PPL (teaching practice) in SMA Taman Madya Jetis. For the first time, it really liked hell for me... But after few days it was fun and exciting.. They all are cool n fun students. The students are greats, funny, nice and amazing... But, the teachers #ehem, was really "awesome"... They give us many things to do even though they are out of our duty there... #aarrrggghh.... but i really enjoy it, probably :p .. whn teaching, I can do many experiment and apply many thing during my practice.. I did many kinds of activities that I really wanna do when I was in high school... Hahahaha... But, honestly, I love them so mucchhh... yyeeaayyyy \(^o^)/ I love my team PPL, all of them, my students especially XI IPS and all of the family of Taman Madya Jetis Senior High School... Hope we can see each others in the other life... (T__T) GO GO TMYK \(^O^)/